Daves Locks

Daves Locks 3.21.11

Try to open the color operated locks in this logic puzzle game.

Try to open the color operated locks in this logic puzzle game.

DAVES LOCKS is another original in our Puzzle Series.

There are 6 bands of colors and all you have to do is to rotate them so that the colors (tumblers:) all line up correctly.

Left or Right Click to rotate each tape is the only controls needed.

We know that you’ve come to love the simplicity of control with all our software.

No Keyboard strokes to learn and remember….ever.

There are 5 levels of difficulty and 32 levels of locks. That’s 160 unique puzzles that should satisfy anyone with puzzle solving ability.

We write all of our software designed for people that just love to be presented with a logical puzzle that they can study and then solve.

We don't write arcade puzzle games, action puzzle games, adventure puzzle games, timed puzzle games, etc.

All of our software are true puzzles.

Not arcade games, or some such fast paced nonsense.

You don't have to aim anything or practice when to jump, run, or click something.

You are presented with the logic puzzle and you can then solve it logically.

No time limits or trial and error foolishness. Just a logic puzzle.

All of our software only use a tiny bit of your computer resources, so you can minimize it while you do other things with your computer.

It doesn't 'Take Over' your computer.

Daves Locks


Daves Locks 3.21.11

User reviews about Daves Locks

  • myster.zork

    by myster.zork

    "Easily Becomes Addictive"

    I've never seen any software quite like it. The graphics look clean and simple and the puzzle starts off very easy. I...   More.